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Hello and welcome to this topic.

I attach great importance to discovering your universe, your interests and your desires to organize the wedding of your dreams.

It is therefore essential that you too can know a little more about me.

I let you discover my background and present to you my qualities and my commitment as a wedding planner.

hoping I'll have the opportunity to meet you soon,

I wish you a very good reading!

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My name is Gaëlle Delon, I am a Wedding Planner on the French "Ile de Ré".

Before creating my agency, I worked for 24 years as a customer service manager in retail (yes, time flies too quickly…).  

A career that has allowed me to learn how to lead teams, always with kindness and empathy, while developing my sense of compromise and responsibility.

I have always liked to organize events, parties, holidays, simply because I am happy to see others happy.


It is therefore quite natural that offering my event organization services seemed obvious to me when I moved to the Île de Ré with my husband and my daughter Mathilde.

An opportunity to start a new adventure, with a touch of madness, chic and naturalness.


I want to be as close as possible to the bride and groom, by creating a relationship of trust, always respecting their decisions. 

I am an epicurean, convinced that happiness is in the present moment. I appreciate all the little pleasures in life, from a walk in the countryside to the spray on the long sandy beaches, everything is a pretext for wonder and contemplation. 
I am a lover of human relationships, of my family and my friends, of floral creations and objects that have a soul.

I hope  this quick presentation will allow you to know  a little more about me, and I hope to have the opportunity to tell you more, but above all, to find out more about you.

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FLEUR 1.png

Gaelle Delon

Pampa & Chardon
wedding planner

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